Balance Your Life

Adulthood can Suck!

Do you remember when life was mostly fun, and you did what you wanted to do? Now, you feel like those days are gone, lost forever.

What we will do in therapy is find ways to make your life more balanced. By talking and exploring your past and present, we will find ways to integrate this time into your present life. We will discover what is holding you back from living the life you want to live to help you discover your ideal self.

You ask, “What does a balanced life mean?”

A balanced life is finding a way to tailor a life where you still behave like an adult and make time to take care of yourself.

Gaining balance means lining up things to feel more satisfied with the relationships with yourself and others; you will prioritize your mental health and your physical health.

We will look at other aspects of your life, including, yes, even finances and work, and see if these are negatively impacting you. Often having a balanced life feels like you are becoming your ideal self (a journey worthwhile).

Therapy is a different type of conversation.

You say to yourself, “But I can talk to my family and friends. Why is therapy any different?” Yes, you can speak to them, but they do not have the training required to be an objective listener.

Most people only take in a portion of what they hear and often think about their response instead of what you are sharing. They forget the golden rule that my grandma used to say – you have two ears and one mouth for a reason, making you listen more than you talk! As a therapist, I have training in how to listen.

Most people will tell you what to do, and most of the time, they will tell you what works best for them. If you take that advice, you will live the life they want, and you will be who they think you should be. They are well-intentioned but usually have no idea of what would work best for you holistically.

I will not tell you what to do. Instead, we will work together to discover what will work best for you – keeping in mind what you want out of life and how you can feel closer to your ideal self, not what I think would be your best life and the best version of you.

A good fit is important when choosing a job, friend, so why not when finding a therapist as well?

Over the years, I’ve heard people state,

“I’ve tried therapy before, and something just didn’t feel right. I wasn’t comfortable, it seemed like the therapist didn’t understand me, and it didn’t seem to work. How will I know if it will work this time?”

Like any other relationship, I believe a good match is an important, integral part of the therapeutic experience. It’s better if you feel connection, understanding, and can work with someone who has experience with your issue.

We will have a phone consultation to assess fit before beginning. During this consultation, we will get a better idea if it feels right, if I’m someone with whom you can feel comfortable.

You deserve to find a therapist who understands you who can walk with you along this journey.

Engaging in therapy gives you a new perspective on life.

During this process, we will help you heal, become more centered, and reconnect with yourself.

Authentic self-care will become almost second nature, so your mental and physical health will improve. You will learn how to balance your priorities, and then you will experience less stress.

You will feel more at peace, making you less likely to become emotionally activated so easily. You will learn better communication skills, relationships will improve, and work will improve as well. You will be thinking more clearly to incorporate fun into your life because you will become better with time management.

One surprising result of therapy is that you will get comfortable with the uncomfortable. Imagine how FREEING that will be. You will be free to try things you were afraid to do before, such as asking for that raise or change in your work schedule and feeling free to have open and honest conversations with people with whom you have a relationship.

These are a few results that are possible if you put the work and dedication into YOUR therapy.