Brain Health Coaching

A healthy brain means a healthier life.

Like your body, your brain requires stimulation to stay fit. And an unfit brain impacts every facet of your life – creating poor health both emotionally and physically.

The brain is a plastic organ. With the proper stimulation, it can stay fit and help you stay mentally strong and agile, allowing you to cope with life’s challenges that can steal your joy and excitement.

Brain Health Coaching offers a means of keeping your brain healthy and fit, and it is a proven approach that can help you deal with anxiety, depression, loss of memory, low self-esteem, and other issues.

Brain Health Coaching is one way I can help you.

Along with other types of coaching that I offer, I incorporate Brain Health Coaching to help my clients have more balanced, happy, and healthier lives. We can do this form of coaching together with my other services or separately.

I chose to become certified in Brain Health Coaching because it made sense to me. We use our brains for everything, and health is part of having a better, balanced life.

My training in brain health involved a nationally recognized program created by Dr. Daniel G. Amen. When I read that with a healthy brain, you feel better, have more energy, earn more money (because you make better decisions), and have greater success in everything you do (also because you make better decisions), I decided that I wanted to incorporate this into my practice to plant brain health into the lives of those I serve.

Why brain health?

Brain Health coaching helps you learn how to optimize your brain in part by learning to nourish, heal, and protect your brain.

The reason I want you to work on the optimization of your brain is it helps you to become emotionally and mentally equipped to deal with many problems that keep you from a successful life full of achievement and happiness.

Part of what we will do is have you do surveys to identify what is going on for you and your brain. Making a more thorough connection of mind and body will educate you on the choices you make and how they affect your body – and your brain health.

Explore practical information about the complexities of hormones and their influence on your Health and Relationships, Identify Brain-Behavior Systems: Functions, Problems, Solutions.

We will also Identify ways to Boost Brain Reserve. I will educate you on brain-directed supplements, explain nutrition/gut-brain connections, and discuss the importance of physical exercise and how it impacts brain health.

I will share the principles to optimize your brain and help you change how your current life will help you achieve better, lasting outcomes.

Create a balance between your mind and body.

Brain Health Counseling helps you create wholeness, providing recovery to issues that keep you out of balance.

Let’s work together to help you find that balance.

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