Individual Therapy

Becoming aware is the beginning of a new YOU.

Seeking help enhances self-awareness and provides relief from issues that seem unmanageable.

You may need to objectively explore options in your life or the feelings that seem to keep you down. Maybe, you want to become more aware of where you want to be in life rather than where others want you to be. You may desire to set personal goals – your goals!

Memories from childhood, the inability to set boundaries and say no, or a desire to learn how to communicate effectively are other reasons for seeking therapy. Maybe, you feel anxious or depressed, and those feeling keep you from moving on with your life.

Nobody has all the answers, and having a conversation with someone who is objective and has your best interest at heart makes finding those answers easier.

I want to be that someone for you!

I have the tools and experience to help you address anxiety, depression, relationship issues, and other problems that keep you in a never-ending cycle of uncertainty. My approach to individual therapy focuses on you, allowing you to be part of the process of changing your life while learning to believe that you can have the life you want.

Sometimes, therapy is scary, uncomfortable, and might make you feel confused. You might even experience disclosure remorse (wishing you hadn’t shared as much as you did) for a few hours after therapy. These are the times that you begin to empower yourself, helping you face difficult subjects so you can grow as a person.

Therapy with me is not like you have seen on television (lying on a couch, talking, while the therapist takes notes), and often will feel more like two friends chatting, making it easier to talk about some of these more hard-hitting subjects.

So, if anxiety, depression, or other reasons keep you stuck, I can help you address and work on these issues to free yourself as you work to gain balance in your life.

Healing starts with awareness and a desire to change.

Productive and effective therapy is your choice and can be like going to the gym. You might not want to go at times, but you typically feel better and glad you did after finishing the exercise. Like the gym, what you get out of therapy depends on the work you are willing to do to get better.

Isn’t that exciting? Addressing problems, finding solutions, and gaining self-awareness is something that you do for yourself, rather than something that happens to you!

Let’s work together as you become aware of what keeps you blocked, preventing you from the life you deserve. Contact me today!