Premarital Counseling

Better to start before the wedding bells ring.

Marrying your partner feels like the right decision, but you still feel afraid.

Seeing so many unsuccessful marriages makes you hesitant. You wonder, “How can we begin with a relationship that will stay strong as we grow old together?”

It suddenly dawns on you that this person will affect your life in more ways than anyone else in your life. You want to make sure that it is for the better and not the worse.

There are many issues (e.g., family differences, money, sex, having children) that neither of you has discussed in detail – but differences of opinion are essential to know.

What does it take to have a happy marriage that will last?

Your relationship is the best you’ve ever had, but you know there are areas where you disagree – don’t see eye to eye.

Based on conversations with other people, especially those married for a while, you realize that things will come up in your marriage later on that can eventually destroy your relationship.

Having an honest conversation about expectations, differences, values, and other important subjects helps address issues upfront. Openness and honesty at the beginning also help prevent conflicts in the future.

You recognize preparation before marriage is essential because it helps prevent events from driving you apart later – but you aren’t sure how to become better prepared.

Premarital counseling helps you build a better foundation.

Addressing your similarities, differences, and expectations is vital for establishing a happy and healthy marriage. As a premarital counselor, I can help the two of you prepare for a life together in advance of the wedding.

In our work together, we will take a candid approach and look at what works for the two of you. The method we will take is not a one-size-fits-all equation. Yes, there are some foundational things to work on, like good open communication, but what we discuss also depends on what you feel is essential.

We will work on you having a balanced life together by addressing your concepts of marriage, business, friendship, love, and other things necessary to each of you. By addressing various issues before marriage, we can create a tailor-made relationship experience for you.

Contact me now, so I can help you create a healthy, balanced relationship.